RFD Suspends AirFest

Recent growth in customers and tenants taking priority

December 16, 2016

RFD Suspends AirFest

ROCKFORD, IL (December 16, 2016) – The Chicago Rockford International Airport (RFD) announced today that it will not host AirFest 2017 and is suspending the airshow in future years due to recent expansions taking place at the airport.

“Rockford AirFest has been a part of this community for a decade and we are sad to see it suspended. We are very excited about recent construction projects at RFD and the successful recruitment of new business operations to the airport,” said Mike Dunn, Executive Director of RFD. “Several of the new businesses we have recruited have nearly non-stop operations that make it very challenging to close the airport for four days. The traffic congestion incurred by AirFest would put a heavy burden on the operations of new businesses on the airport. Our priority is to our customers and tenants that use RFD.”

During the last several years, RFD has been successful in creating economic opportunities for the airport, Rockford, and the entire region, creating more jobs and a better quality of life for residents. Recent projects such as the Rock Valley College Aviation Maintenance Program, the AAR MRO project, the Terminal Building expansion and the ABX Air cargo operation have helped create more than 500 jobs to date and will create more in the future.

“We want to thank all our sponsors, volunteers, vendors, performers, media, security, Airsho, Inc., and others who made AirFest possible,” said Dunn. “We also want to thank the attendees who came out year after year to support the event. RFD will continue to identify new opportunities for entertainment that work within the parameters of our partnerships for this region.”

Recent Expansion

Photos and video of recent growth

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